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Mental Toughness

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Specialising in Mental Toughness development for people in business, school students, teachers, parents and more.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Management of Autism Spetrum Disorders (ASD).

Mental Toughness – a chest expander for the mind.

Do you feel undervalued by family/friends or in your workplace?

Feeling “not heard” or “not understood”?

Do you crave more freedom/meaning in your life?

Bored or grumpy?

Frustrated with incompetence? 

The Mental Toughness Program helps you to:

Be more productive.

Earn your true worth.

Experience enhanced relationships.

Gain a more fulfilled and happier life.

Behaviour Solutions Model (MTQ48)

The MTQ48 provides an overall measure of mental toughness.

Leadership and Team Development

Want to create harmony and increase productivity in the workplace?

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Let me work closely with you to assess, diagnose and manage those suffering from an ASD.

Training and Career Advice

Training workshops, tailored in-house programs and support packages are available.

What Is Mental Toughness?
Who is it for?

Mental Toughness is learning to develop emotional and practical skills to increase confidence, self worth, productivity and overall well being. Everyone can benefit from Mental Toughness training!

Mental Toughness has 4 components.

  • I really believe I can do it.
  • I can manage my emotions (and others) when doing it.
  • I promise to do it.
  • I’ll do what it takes to deliver it (hard work).
  • I am motivated to do it.
  • I am happy to stretch myself.
  • I may make mistakes – I learn from those too.
  • I believe I have the ability to do it.
  • I can stand my ground and persuade others if I need to.

About Me

I am a registered Psychologist, Business Advisor, Executive Coach and author of Asperguys.

I work extensively with children and adults who experience learning difficulties, social functioning and behavioural problems.

I have experience working in the corporate and education sector, and have visited educational facilities in the United Kingdom, delivering countless Mental Toughness training and workshops.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Message Danny to learn more about the Mental Toughness Program and to make an appointment.

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