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Helping You Find Your Mental Toughness

The Behaviour Solutions Model in Schools

How does Mental Toughness 4 Cs framework relate to these and what does it add?

The answer to the first is that it maps almost perfectly with all of these ideas and importantly the framework provides a reasonably comprehensive overview of all of these models. There isn’t a need to debate whether its grit, character or mindset, Its all of them embraced by the 4 Cs framework developed by Professor Peter Clough now at MMU in the UK.

The response from users is that the framework is easy to understand and correspondingly easy to use. That’s important. Developing these qualities in young people is important and valuable. Complex or woolly ideas can be very difficult to apply.

Usefully, there is the MTQ48 which is a psychometric measure which helps users to assess in individuals exactly those elements described as the 4 Cs. users can understand their charges more effectively and can support the development of self awareness.

Finally in 2016 AQR International has developed a set of toolkits which are designed in cue card format to enable users to assess students (and staff!!) and to do something about what they discover.

How does Mental Toughness support students?


Explaining up to 25% of the variation in performance in individuals. MT pupils work more purposefully and show greater commitment


More content. The mentally tough show better stress management, willingness to participate, better attendance, are less likely to develop mental health issues, sleep better and are less prone to bullying. They can take stressors in their stride.

Positive Behaviour

More engaged. The mentally tough are more positive, more “can do”, respond positively to change, adversity and have better attendance.

Openness to Learning

The mentally tough are more ambitious, prepared to manage more risk – seeing opportunity for learning everywhere.


Those with higher levels of mental toughness deal better with new settings, (switching from Junior to Secondary school), new teachers and classmates, etc.

Leadership & Team Development

Behaviour Solutions can assist you to develop resources for principals and leaders to build their own leadership capacity, as well as the leadership capacity of their staff, in line with the agenda of building middle leaders. 

Principals and Leaders can act as Coach.

Our values and services

  • All on the same page.
  • Leadership team.
  • Honest with each other.
  • Keeping each other accountable.
  • Developing leaders who are confident to challenge staff, who should have changed schools, retired or think they know it all.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Behaviour Solutions can work closely with you to assess, diagnose and manage those suffering from ASD.

For Parents, Teachers, Carers and ASD Sufferers

Our values and services

  • Developing confident parents, teachers, carers and ASD sufferers.
  • Providing diagnosis, knowledge and practical management of this condition.
  • Providing support.

Training and Career Advice

Behaviour Solutions can develop tailored training workshops, in-house programs and support packages to develop strong leadership skills within your workplace or organisation.

For Workplace Organisations

Our values and services

  • Workshops, programs and packages tailored to your workplace needs.
  • Developing confident workplace leaders.
  • Providing knowledge and skills to help your workplace grow productively and efficiently.

This is not “another program” – it is a resource to develop capacity in people we believe in. 

As an educational professional what tools do you need to develop your leadership team?

100% of students (achieving/learning) 100% of the time means that we have our eye on every student.

Our aim as educators is the same – you can’t improve unless the system improves. This means that schools improve by system improvement.

Each school is not an island – islands don’t work, we have to be united working together. 

By working together we can:

Improve learning outcomes.

Develop confident leaders.

Create a holistic learning environment.

Be more accountable for our actions.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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